Updated On: June 16, 2020, 3:17 am

Blackjack Strategy Chart: A Most Essential Blackjack Tool

If you do not know the composition of the remaining deck, a blackjack basic strategy card provides the best way to play each specific game situation. A blackjack strategy chart is a layout of recommended actions for all possible game situations. A strategy chart is a must-have for every player who wants to know how to manage blackjack odds.

A blackjack strategy chart works just like a blackjack calculator. But with a strategy chart, you don't need to put data anymore to know the dealer's odds versus your odds to hit 21 or a blackjack. A strategy chart takes into account the mathematical odds of each game situation. Thus, its recommendations on when you should hit, stand, double down, split, take the insurance, or surrender are all grounded on statistics.

There are variations of blackjack strategy charts. The variation is based on whether the dealer stands on soft and hard 17, or on soft 17 only. Another factor considered is the number of decks in a shoe. The most common variant of blackjack strategy chart is one for a game that uses 4 decks of cards.

You should find out how to read charts properly so you'd know how to use them. Typically, a vertical column in the chart shows the values of your hand, and a top column shows the dealer's. The middle portion of the card shows what you should in case of such values. A blackjack strategy chart typically uses the following abbreviations:

H-- means Hit S-- means Stand DD-- means Double Down P-- means Split H/P -- means Split if you can double down afterwards, otherwise hit H/R - means Surrender if the House allows it, otherwise hit A --- means Ace

There are many free blackjack strategy charts online. You can print one and post it near your PC. The objective of a strategy chart is to help you keep the house edge to a 0.5% minimum. Remember that you or any strategy can totally eliminate the house edge; you can only decrease it and thus maximize your win odds.

If memorizing a blackjack chart can be a little troubling for you, you can purchase a credit card-sized, laminated blackjack strategy chart card. The thing is, most casinos allow use of strategy charts so you can bring one with you for reference especially if you're just learning how to employ blackjack basic strategy.

Blackjack strategy chart provides players with recommendations of the best way to play each particular hand situation. Any player who wants to stay on top of the game by managing blackjack odds should print out a copy of a blackjack strategy chart and tack it near their pc, or bring one to the casino.